About Us - Synergy Business Solutions

A Passion
for People.


Synergy is the way, the process and the system to follow to outperform, out-hustle and to beat your competition. Our mission is to train, coach and develop small business owners so they can run their businesses effectively and profitably year after year.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where management teams and employees work in true harmony to make the world a better place.

Core Values

Our daily goal is to live and practice our core values. Here is what to expect when doing business with us:
INTEGRITY: we do the right thing for our clients and the world
URGENCY: We don't subscribe to “The steady wins the race” because we are not in a race, we are on a mission. We move with speed to solve problems because that’s what our customers expect from us
HARD WORK: We love what we do and so work is only hard when we are not doing it. We don’t dabble, we immerse ourselves in what we do and we don’t stop until we deliver results
FOLLOW THROUGH: we play all out and so finish what we start in a timely fashion
CARE FOR PEOPLE: we care about our team, our customers and the world
FUN: we love what we do. We go to work excited, we stay excited and bring excitement everywhere we go